Quiz: Can You Complete This Insane Movie Numbers Quiz?

Quiz: Can You Complete This Insane Movie Numbers Quiz?

I'm not going to shit you about, this - as far as quizzes go - is an absolute nuisance of a prick. If this quiz were a person, it's the sort of person that would barge into you in the street then, when you meekly went to apologise in amongst the confusion, it would spit into your open mouth before punching you quite hard in the abdomen. That's the sort of character we're dealing with here.

The reasons for this quiz's difficulty are primarily due to the ludicrous time constraints it puts you under. Your goal is simple enough - to complete the listed movie titles using the numbers it provides you with. A simple enough premise I think we can all agree. However it expects you to do thirty of them in sixty seconds. This is evidently, unrealistic. It is pure folly to try embrace the quiz on its own terms, I do not believe it is possible to complete the quiz, even if you know all of the answers going on. That aside, see how many you can get in the allocated time.


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