Reaction: The Parents Arrive At Love Island

Reaction: The Parents Arrive At Love Island

In the penultimate episode of Love Island, viewers were treated to seeing the islanders' families for the first time.

Each couple got a glimpse at the people closest to their partner. For the most part, everyone got on swimmingly. However, there were some sticky moments.

Firstly, Curtis and Maura's mothers both had slip-ups when dealing with their children's partners. Curtis' mother was extremely complimentary of Maura, but called her 'Moira' for the duration of her chat with Curtis. Maura's mother immediately pied off Curtis during their introductory hug, instead making a beeline for Ovie to chat. Likewise, Maura's mother didn't sound overtly happy with Maura's decision to couple up with Curtis. However, in typical Irish mammy fashion, she didn't give her true feelings away to her daughter.

Belle and Anton's parents also had some premonitions about their children's coupling up skills. Belle's dad, actor Tamer Hassan, was especially skeptical of Anton, particularly after some hairy moments for the couple in the villa. Likewise, Anton's mother mentioned that she didn't take to Belle immediately. However, by the end of their encounter, it seemed to be happy families.

All the other couples got on swimmingly with their partner's families. Greg's parents gave Amber a necklace, whereas Amber's dad endeared himself to the public with an impromptu salmon impression. India's mother was smitten with Ovie, much to the chagrin of her daughter. Tommy and Molly-Mae's families spent the duration of their time with each other just gushing over how perfect the couple are.

However, the love in the air was immediately sucked out by the arrival of Caroline Flack. Flack was in the villa to deliver the news of one couple's elimination. Unfortunately for Belle and Anton, their time in the villa came to an end. On the plus side, at least Anton and Belle's dad will get to rendezvous sooner rather than later.

Here's all the best reaction from last night's Love Island:



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