Watch: "F**k You Deputy Stagg" Former TD's Most Unparliamentary Music

Watch: "F**k You Deputy Stagg" Former TD's Most Unparliamentary Music

As politicians go, Paul Gogarty seems like a sound enough skin. He served as a TD from 2002 to 2011. In that time, he called for cuts to Oireachtas salaries on several occasions, notably when salaries rose by 13%, while pensions and social welfare were raised by half as much. Gogarty also worked to protect educational investment during cutbacks. All in all, he did his bit as a politician, and gave us one of the most iconic Irish political moments of all time.

Here's a recap on that iconic moment:

Gogarty stood for South Dublin County Council election in Lucan and was elected, and we're only delighted for him. In honour of this achievement, we are delighted to remind you all that Paul once had a music career. That could be unfair, he might still, but he released a series of music videos back around 2014. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing,  His Sweet Surprise.

Wishing On A Photograph


A fun pop-rock tune this one. Music video is odd, to say the least, but its great to see the country raffle institution that is a tin of USA biscuits make an appearance.

Radio (When I Listen To)

Bit of an 80s electronic vibe off this one. Man has some variety in his locker.

Molly Is A Liar

An anti-drug number (Molly = MDMA for the uninitiated).

His language may have been most unparliamentary, but can the same be said for his music? Hard to know.

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Joe O'Gorman

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