People We Wish Would Stop Trying So Hard

Kanye West

Kanye simply can’t be as whole-heartedly obnoxious as we’ve seen in recent days; tweet -raging at Jimmy Kimmel (apparently unprovoked), and going mental on Zane Lowe’s show.  Surely, on occasion he takes the night off, and just calms down and has a nice lasagne with Kim and …North? Sadly though, it seems unlikely.


Miley Cyrus

Of course a list of this kind had to contain Smiley Miley, and her recent fall from grace to foam-finger toting twerker.  The challenges posed in overcoming her Hannah Montana stereotype, have not been terribly flattering, and being as provocative as possible has certainly felt pretty forced. Come on Miley, grow your hair back and put that obscenely long tongue away - the ripe old age of 21 approaches.



Alexa Chung

Yes, Alexa was cool, oh she was so cool - but then she made the fatal mistake of publishing a book about being cool, and how she loves all the Beatles equally, and it was so insufferable that we realised she’s actually just a bit of a drip.


Jessie J


It’s fine Jessie, we get it. You’ve a lot of opinions, and a lot of outfits, and you want to gain maximum exposure for both of them. But don’t bleat on about people thinking that you tweet too much, or that you’re clothes are crazy – these facts are both fairly self-evident.



[youtube id="uXfXrl4K2D4" width="100%" height="360"]

Madge launched secretprojectrevolution last week, but she’s made the mistake of thinking that we’ve all got 17 minutes to spare, to listen and watch her tremble her way around the concept of artistic freedom. Deep? No Madonna - this just resembles a high school art project that got  carried away with itself, and ran way over budget.



Julia O' Mahony

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