Photo Of Egg Beats Kylie Jenner To Become Most Liked Instagram Post Ever

Photo Of Egg Beats Kylie Jenner To Become Most Liked Instagram Post Ever

If we are to accept the over-bearing weight of evidence that a person's social worth is now strictly determined by their clout on social media, then we can conclusively say that we are all inferior to an egg. Every single one of us on this planet has been surpassed by this egg, it is supreme. It is the supreme egg.

The photo was posted on Instagram by an account called 'World_Record_Egg' with the intention of surpassing Kylie Jenner to become the most liked Instagram post in history. Kyle Jenner's photograph of her daughter, Stormi Webster, from February 2017 had amassed some 18 million likes and had previously stood as Instagram's most liked.

The photograph of the egg was first posted on January 4 and, as of writing, has over 27 million likes - having risen by over a million since the beginning of writing this post.


Unsurprisingly there are a fleet of accounts that have been set up attempting to capitalise on the success of the egg, that are hoping to be mistaken for the real photo. Among the dozens of false prophets including 'egg_record_', 'world_.record_.egg_' and simply 'eggggz'. These people are simply taking likes away from the grand cause of the supreme egg and its quest for world dominance.

Kylie Jenner responded by posting a video of herself cracking an egg onto the ground, starting off a war attempting to usurp the egg. It currently has over 16 million likes. Truly it is times like this, writing about Kylie Jenner and eggs that one begins to question their choice of career in becoming a purveyor of  perfunctory online content.

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