'Raw Egg Coffee' Is The Latest Coffee Trend And It Needs To Be Stopped

'Raw Egg Coffee' Is The Latest Coffee Trend And It Needs To Be Stopped

I consider myself as something of a broad-minded cosmopolitan sort of type; open to new experiences, concepts and ideas. I like to think that, in all aspects of my life, I am unafraid to try new things; particularly so when it comes to food. For instance I am a firm advocate of, what I believe will be the next big health kick, the 'ham smoothie'. For those of you unaware of this, Google it, but please I can't recommend how vital it is for you to keep safe search on before doing this.

However, if you were to look me in the eye and suggest that I should put the raw ovum of any fowl in a hot beverage I am about to consume then... well, let's just say I hope you have comprehensive health insurance as I am currently mid-way through a beginners course in karate and our dojo-master, Howard, says that I am progressing 'as expected'.

Apparently though, placing raw egg in coffee is something that is all the rage in Korea. I am presuming that we are talking about it being popular in South Korea here. If it is the North, well, siphoning public money to fund an ill-advised nuclear weapons programme is also popular, but just because it's popular doesn't mean that we should aspire to emulate that - and thankfully so, as I simply don't have the resources or time.


In the video, featuring some choice options from the menu of a Korean café in New York, we can see them strain the white off the yolk before tipping the viscous yellow orb into the coffee. I am entirely prepared to accept that this may be very delicious, that's all well and good. However I think it would take an act of supreme will, of which I don't think I'm capable, to actually try one of these in the first place. I feel the only way I may be converted to this new fad would be if one of my coffees were to be spiked with an egg by some third party. Perhaps I may be sitting in a café, nursing a coffee and, while otherwise distracted, some errant egg-spiker surreptitiously cracks an egg on the rim of my mug and tips its yolky charge into my coffee. Then having unwittingly tried it, and only then, may I be won round. However, as far as I'm aware there are very few men, if any at all, who wile their days away by spiking people's drinks with egg. I just can't imagine what'd be in it for them.

Whether this whole egg yolk in coffee malarkey will catch on over here or not remains to be seen. We await with bated breath.

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Rory McNab

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