PitBull Releases A Cover Of Toto's 'Africa' And It's Pretty Dreadful

PitBull Releases A Cover Of Toto's 'Africa' And It's Pretty Dreadful

Although the old adage says when life throws you lemons make lemonade, some people should never make lemonade.

Unfortunately, the creators of the DC universe and Aquaman decided not to heed this advice. Instead, with the hindrance of Pitbull, they rehashed a classic song for Game Of Throne's star Jason Momoa to flip his trident too.

You might be thinking surely it can't be that bad? By all means, take a listen. It's not all bad news though. Since its release, we can reevaluate the rules of covering a classic song. Rule number: don't use Pitbull. Pitbull's energy is more suited to Wrights Venue circa 2007 than a blockbuster superhero. Rule number two: Don't sample an iconic song if you haven't the nerve to go all the way with it.

With the added insult of adding a basic rap verse, the people behind Aquaman changed the name of the song 'Africa' to 'Ocean to Ocean'. Even with Pitbull's awful verse,  pop singer Rhea gives this song some legs so expect to hear it on the radio:

The internet has well and truly disowned the song with Youtube sharing that 'Ocean to Ocean' has received 3,000 thumb down votes in less than 15 hours with hundreds of comments dissing the song:



You know what they say, if it ain't broke don't try and fix it with Pitbull.

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