The Definitive Ranking Of The 13 Most Addictive PlayStation One Games Of All Time

The Definitive Ranking Of The 13 Most Addictive PlayStation One Games Of All Time

"Turn that off or your eyes will turn square!" was one of the many sayings an Irish Mammy would say when you played your favourite PlayStation One game. The PS 1 console gave us 90's kids some of our fondest memories and, let's be honest, it was the start of a life long addiction. Terrifyingly, the majority of these games are nearly 25 years old *sniff* and it's time we revisited the past and paid homage to 13 of the most addictive PlayStation One games:

13. Gran Turismo

The highest rated racing video game of all time, coming in at 95%, was 1997s Gran Turismo. The series has spawned over 10 sequels and spin-offs and is the best selling PlayStation One game of all time.

12. Tomb Raider

Before Angelina Jolie played Lara Croft in 2001s Tomb Raider the PS One game was every fans addiction. The gameplay is most fondly remembered for the infuriating puzzles Croft would have to solve


11. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

The most famous skateboarder in the world caused mass addiction back in 1999 with the release of the Pro Skater series. Not only was the game massively popular but it even spawned fashion trends with skater shoes becoming a must have for 90's kids.


10. Grand Theft Auto

Before a time when you could use cheats to wreak havoc on the streets with a tank, GTA was a simple game. Its premise involved a gang completing assassinations and bank robberies in three fictional cities. In recent years, the series has been questioned for its depiction of torture and portrayal of women.

9. Silent Hill

The terrifying game whereby multiple endings are possible was released in 1997. Harry Mason searches for his missing adopted daughter in the town of Silent Hill. You definitely didn't play this alone. The fog and footsteps still give us the creeps.


8. Metal Gear Solid

A game that is credited as the reason behind the popularity of the stealth genre that kept us hooked for hours.


7. Resident Evil 2

One of the creepiest games, besides Silent Hill, from the PS one era is Resident Evil 2. The moans of the zombies approaching as you lost all your ammo were enough to send your anxiety through the roof.

6. Rayman

Rayman was a hero whose destiny was to save his colourful world from Mr. Dark. We couldn't always make sense of the storyline but the graphics were mind blowing back in the 90's.


5. Final Fantasy VII

The sci-fi game that focused on destroying evil corporations came into its own by its seventh installment. In 1997 the series was updated to full motion video and 3D computer graphics and its popularity grew and grew.


4. Tekken 3

No friendship was truly complete without battling each other in Tekken 3. Nina was one of our favourites.

3. Spyro

Before Game of Thrones made dragons cool again, Spyro lit up our lives. The bubbly baby dragon completed missions to open the gates for the ancient dragons. We loved headbutting the frozen sculptures and using Spyro's fire breath.


2. Disney's Hercules

The popular animated movie spawned an addictive game like none other in 1997. Hercules must pass a series of challenges and bosses and, at the end, face Hades, the God of the Underworld to regain his God-like strength. The best part of the gameplay was flying Pegasus, Hercule's flying horse, through the sky!

1. Crash Bandicoot

The Crash Bandicoot series and franchise are perhaps the most recognised and fondly remembered of the PS one era games. The first in the series seems Crash rescuing his girlfriend Tawna from the evil clutches of Brio and Cortex. Wearing the Aku Aku mask made us feel like actual superheroes! There was nothing more annoying than a side creature taking one of your lives.

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