Podge And Rodge Are Returning To Our Screens With A Familiar Face

Podge And Rodge Are Returning To Our Screens With A Familiar Face

One of life's greatest joys as a kid was being allowed stay up late and watch Podge & Rodge tear into one and ripping the piss out of random celebrities.

Today RTÉ announced their new season picks for autumn and fans of The Podge & Rodge Show will be delighted to see Podge &Rodge are making a long-awaited return, 10 years since the show last aired. This time around the duo will be joined by new co-host Doireann Garrihy, replacing Lucy Kennedy and Caroline Morahan.

Garrihy is known for her hilarious impressions on social media and recently starred in The Doireann Project, an online series with RTÉ. The funny gal took to Instagram to share her delight at starring in the newest series of the show.

The dastardly duo are the adult version of Zig and Zag, and the same puppeteers, who were known for their crass humor with guests and for regularly winding up co-hosts Lucy Kennedy and Caroline Morahan at Ballydung Manor


With the landscape of RTÉ changing since Lucy Kennedy donned a latex catsuit, it'll be interesting to see what Doireann, Podge, and Rodge get up to. Now, we just need Podge and Rodge: A Bedtime Scare to come back and we're sorted for late night TV.

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