Post Malone Fined €4,000 For Smoking On Stage At His 3 Arena Concert

Post Malone Fined €4,000 For Smoking On Stage At His 3 Arena Concert

Last night, Post Malone played his Valentine's Day gig in the 3 Arena, that sold-out within seconds when tickets went on sale a few months back, and smoked the most expensive cigarette in his life.

The long awaited gig was Post Malone's first stop on his European tour."Y’all are the first stop on this tour… If I suck ass don’t judge me” said the American rapper.

He sang a number of his biggest hits, including 'Congratulations', 'Rock Star' and 'White Iverson', while also giving Luke Kelly a shout out and Rapper 21 Savage who was detained by ICE last week.

One of the highlights of the evening was when Post Malone was told he would be fined 4,000 euro for every cigarette he smoked on stage, something that we are all aware of being a standard rule in most public spaces.

Post Malone joked as he lit up his cigarette “that is officially the most expensive cig I’ve ever smoked.” Of course, everyone went crazy as he pulled the first drag, but let's just hope no one followed suit because not everyone can afford to throw away that much money on a cigarette.


This hugely successful gig will be followed by Post Malone's RDS concert on the 22nd of August this year. The tickets for this concert are available now from Ticketmaster.

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