Ireland's Reaction To Priest Complaining About Rubberbandits Is Hilarious

Ireland's Reaction To Priest Complaining About Rubberbandits Is Hilarious

The Rubberbandits are in hot water over comments made by member, Blindboy Boatclub, on an episode of The Late Late Show aired earlier this month.

The comments were made on the show with Blindboy saying that anyone who goes to midnight mass is "not going for the haunted bread" but rather for their family. He also said that "they're asking us to eat the ghost of a 2,000-year-old carpenter, you know? And then at the same time, he's not actually a ghost but he's actually real. It's a ghost and it's human flesh at the same time."

Check it out below:

A North Kerry priest has since hit out against the infamous comedy duo for referring to the eucharist as 'haunted bread'.

Fr Kevin McNamara, hugely popular in his parish for being outspoken, complained about the comments made, describing them as "downright shameful and hurtful". He lodged a complaint against the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI), stating that it hurt him "to see the eucharist ridiculed on RTÉ's so-called flagship chat show".


He made the comments in the local parish newsletter saying he was "hurt beyond words", urging parishioners to "create a clean environment for the soul, heart, and mind".

He is not the only one to hit out against Blindboy, with Fr Joe Young, a former parish priest in Limerick, stating that the comments were "totally offensive" and that "everybody should respect everybody's faith, regardless of what it is".

There have been mixed reactions to this move by the Kerry priest:


Despite the complaints, Fr McNamara thought the comedy duo to be "gifted and talented" and admired their breakthrough song, 'Horse Outside'


Late Late Show host, Ryan Tubridy, remarked that the thought the phrase 'haunted bread' was a great expression.


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