Quiz: How Will You Fare In This Ultimate Friends Quiz?

Quiz: How Will You Fare In This Ultimate Friends Quiz?

They say there are two types of people in this world: people who spent their childhoods developing well-balanced and meaningful relationships with their peers, cultivating friends of their own, and those who spent their days indoors watching a group of friends on Friends do things that friends do.

If you are one of the latter then now is your time to shine. Finally you will receive some reward for the hours you invested in the world of Friends. Finally you will receive vindication for those under-developed social skills yet vastly in-depth knowledge of one of the most popular television series to have spanned two millenia.

To give you a sense of what you're about to delve into, it's a quiz - that much may've been apparent from the title. There are 75 questions, broken down into three categories of difficulty and you have 15 minutes to guess as many correctly as you can. The average score for those who take the quiz is 73%. To give you a benchmark, I got 26 of the questions correct before I was accosted by a more senior member of staff for my irresponsible use of company time.

Grab this puppy by the horns and don't let go. Don't even allow yourself time to stop and think you this puppy even has horns, that is all irrelevant. Forget it, move on, this is simply between you and the Friends quiz.


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