Do You Remember These 7 Action Man Toys?

Do You Remember These 7 Action Man Toys?

Action Man was the last word in masculinity for many young boys in the 90s. With his wide range of awesome gimmicks, devastating weapons, and piercing blue eyes he was everything that would appeal to an excitable young man.

You would have killed for them in the 90s, but do you remember these awesome Action Man figures?

1. Rock Climber Action Man

Rock Climber Action Man's gimmick was that he was fully articulated and bendable, you could pose him any way you wanted. He came packaged with a rock climbing grip that would stick to any surface, a bandoleer, and a tiny pair of shorts. Rock climbing must be a fantastic way to keep fit, because Action Man was shredded, just look at him.

Action Man




2. Ninja Warrior Action Man

Ninja Warrior Action Man had the amazing ability to swivel his eyes both left and right. His intense, cold gaze, head wrap, and sharp sword also have him perfectly equipped to wage holy jihad in the name of the caliphate. His belly top lets you see that the main thing he's fanatical about is keeping those washboard abs.

Action Man

4. Grizzly Mission Action Man

Seeing as he's such a hardbitten, well-built, and rugged badass it's no surprise to see that Action Man attracts the occasional bear. He harnessed his grizzly pal with a missile launcher and you can use remote control commands to direct your furry friend into battle.



5. Halterneck Action Man

Halter Neck Action Man is fully equiped for a night time mission in the pulsing techno clubs of Berlin. Combined with his high-waisted jeans and chunky boots Halter Neck Action Man is more than ready to take on any man who crosses his path.


6. Dr. X

Dr. X was Action Man's arch nemesis and the tension between them was palpable. Dr. X was a true bad boy, with his handle bar moustache, tight bondage top, and flowing green dreadlocks. He was often clad in purple, the most evil of the pastel shades.

7. Finally: The TV ads

The Action Man TV ads were more bombastic than the Nuremberg Rallies, they were a mix of live action actors and close ups of the toys they were trying to sell. The ads were formulaic, it would open with Dr. X acting the maggot before Action Man sprung into action and stopped him; often by jostling him or knocking him over, because these were shown pre-watershed so gun violence was verboten.

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