Quiz: Can You Finish The 'Rick And Morty' 'Get Schwifty' Song?

Quiz: Can You Finish The 'Rick And Morty' 'Get Schwifty' Song?

Forget about Disney's The Lion King or the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack, it's all about Rick's harmonies on the 'Get Schwifty' track. The Rick and Morty 'Get Schwifty' song deserves its place in the music hall of fame.

For anyone who hasn't seen Rick and Morty, the animation is based on Rick, a mad alcoholic scientist, who forces Morty, his grandson, to be his sidekick on his intergalactic adventures. For those of you who need a refresher to remember the song, Season 2, episode 5 sees Rick and Morty having to squelch an alien invasion by creating a song with rapper Ice-T after every other musician is killed at a Grammy's Presentation.

You have a whopping 10 minutes to remember every word to the iconic song and save your own personal galaxy (not everything in life has to make sense):


Rick and Morty is available to stream on Netflix Ireland now.

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