Penneys Have Released A Rick And Morty Themed Merch

Penneys Have Released A Rick And Morty Themed Merch

Penneys: the one true emporium for frighteningly cheap clothing; a meticulously laid out labyrinth of remarkably discounted attire, TK Maxx run by an authoritarian regime.

If you are looking to purchase a jumper for less than the cost of a sharing bag of crisps, it is the only place to go. If you would like to acquire a life-time supply of socks for under €10, you will ply Penneys with your custom. If you would like to procure a t-shirt that is cheaper than t-shirts available in other shops, you, will, go, to, Penneys.

Over the past number of years they have been gradually expanding their range of collaborative merchandise, creating homeware and clothing in conjunction with franchises such as Disney and Harry Potter. They have tapped into a desire buried deep within us, a desire whereby simple t-shirts that do not sport a character or some reference to a beloved movie or televisual franchise. They have awoken the beast and only they can sate its wanton appetites.

To this end, they have announced their latest line of merchandise, and it's themed around perhaps the most popular cartoon of recent years; Rick and Morty.


They have a plethora of merchandise available in store, including t-shirts, jumpers and socks. Check out the full range in store.

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Rory McNab

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