A Road Has Closed After Truck Crashes, Covering It In Chocolate

A Road Has Closed After Truck Crashes, Covering It In Chocolate

When we think of roads, we all know they are lacking one thing; a thin film of molten chocolate spread evenly along their surface. Well in Poland one road is putting an end to this previous dearth of chocolate-covered transport options.

Far from being a deliberate move however, this situation, of an entire road being closed due to being covered in chocolate, has been caused by a truck crashing through the central divide of a motorway and spreading a layer of melted chocolate across both sides of the road, which has subsequently been closed.

Emergency services were on the scene removing the congealing chocolate from the road surface, which seems like an absolute nightmare. If they are looking for someone to assist them in this cause however they need look no further than my face and mouth - especially considering that Ryanair have launched a massive flight sale, flying to Poland to help eat chocolate off a motorway might be one of the most fiscally prudent decisions I'll make all year.


The agency covering the accident don't appear to be reporting any fatalities or serious injuries from the accident, thankfully.

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Rory McNab

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