RTÉ Are Looking For Audience Members For A New Year's Eve Special

RTÉ Are Looking For Audience Members For A New Year's Eve Special

How would you be able to celebrate New Year's twice in one year, to be able to simultaneously attend two parties to put 2018 to bed and usher this increasingly febrile world into a new year?

Well, while this exact situation is evidently impossible, we have the next best thing. You will be able to, while celebrating the year's changing of the guard in whatever manner you see fit, you could also have the opportunity to watch a pre-record New Years television show featuring yourself bearing witness to a magic show being performed by Keith Barry. While dancing in the new year you can also watch your own face from the past being amazed at a man who is very good at handling packs of cards.

If you would like to experience the situation as described above then why not apply to be in the audience of Keith Barry's New Year's Party? Keith Barry's New Year's Party, or KBNYP will be hosted by the eponymous KB, Ireland's foremost magician (not an official title), and recorded in RTÉ on the 10th of December.

The show's format will be to standard programming is to what Flying Tiger is to traditional wisdom surrounding stock-provisions and store thematics - namely that it will be an incongruous collection of disparate parts. There will be magic - courtesy of KB of KBNYP fame - there will be music, from several as yet unannounced acts, there will also be guests from the world of entertainment and sport.


Why, the in the name of sweet, molten Christ would you not want to apply for tickets to this? They are entirely free and you get to see first-hand the filming of what sounds to be a spectacular show. To apply for tickets click here or email: [email protected]ie.

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Rory McNab

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