Ryse: Son Of Rome Game Review

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Ryse Son of Rome follows the story of Roman Soldier Marius from early childhood to gaining a leadership position in the Roman Legion. The early stages of the game are told through flashbacks as Marius divulges his life on the Roman emperor, Nero, in a private safe room. At the emperor's behest he begins to tell his story; the rest of the game is an extended flashback depicting Marius's adventures up to this point.

There are twists and turns in the tale, as there are more and more with high budget games these days, well, they have to keep us up into the wee hours somehow don't they, and if you're into your ancient Roman history then this will be an extremely enjoyable encounter, as it was for me. The  ending scores a 5 out of 5 for me personally as it really builds to a dramatic conclusion and doesn't just wipe out all the hard work and storyline you’ve invested yourself in two seconds flat


For those looking for a comparison then imagine Modern Warfare except nearly two thousand years ago, and with not as much clothing. The graphics are staggeringly good and give a sense of history in your living room and the voice-overs can't be faulted. One slight criticism of the game would be that the quick time events have little or no bearing on the overall quest as you can still achieve special moves without them, so they act as more of a distraction.

- C

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