"Saying That's Hot:" 15 Things We All Did In 2004

2004 was a simpler time. We were mere teens in the prime of life, we had no idea the shit that was going to come our way when we got to college and had to act like some semblance of a grown up. Take me back...

1) Search for a boy that would kiss you like Chad Michael Murray kissed Hilary Duff in 'A Cinderella Story.'

2) Paying to see 'The Notebook' several times in the cinema just to cry over and over again.

3) Saying ''That's Hot'' as many times as you can in one day.

4) Calling everyone you know a whore.


5) Listening to Jesse McCarthy's 'Beautiful Soul' on repeat.

6) Making the ultimate CD on for a great road trip.

7) Making that CD illegally on limewire.

8) Drooling over Stephen from Laguna Beach.

9) Experimenting with the whole dress over the jeans look.


10) Dousing yourself in Britney Spears' Curious Perfume.

11) Texting all your friends on your Motorola Razr.



12) Navigating your way through MySpace.


13) Giving your Mom and Dad a headache by blaring Green Day's American Idiot in every car journey.

14) Running errands in your velour tracksuit.

14) Telling everyone you talked to that McDonalds was bad for you - thanks to 'SuperSize Me.'

15) Trying to master Michael Jackson's  Thriller Dance Routine by replaying the scene from 13 going on 30, over and over again.

Aw... Good Times.

Aoife Connolly

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