At Last Orders! New App Could Allow Alcohol Be Delivered To You After Hours

At Last Orders! New App Could Allow Alcohol Be Delivered To You After Hours

It's hard to know what truly constitutes a seminal moment in world history. Several moments still 1914: The year the world first descended into global war. 1969: The year man first stepped foot on the moon. 2000: The year that launched a decade of functioning novelty new years glasses. Now, in 2018: A new drinks app has launched that may allow you to have alcohol delivered to you after hours. I am not one for hyperbole. But I think, if you are to even glance at my above breakdown of epochal moments, that this may be the most significant event in the last 18 years of human existence.

The fabled app in question is called Scoopsy. It allows users to purchase alcohol from off-licenses that have signed up to the service and will then arrange for your purchase to be delivered to you. The deliveries take an average of 30-45 minutes and the charge is supposed to be typically less than a fiver.

The service allows you to order your purchase to be delivered as soon as possible or you can schedule a delivery time, either on the day of purchase, or at some future date.

So far so standard, if rather helpful. What really makes this worth you reading, and more importantly, makes it worth my precious while writing this, is that, according to the app's founder, Niall Gates, there is the possibility for the app to expand its service to allow already purchased drink to be delivered after hours.

Speaking to College Times about the service he said;


We will initially be testing the platform for delivering only during off-licence opening hours, or shortly after based on orders coming in just before 10pm. The workaround I have described for having deliveries made essentially after hours is something that we will look into properly later and verify any legal issues surrounding that etc.

What this also means is that, in theory, customers could pay for items at any time during the day between 10.30am and 10pm and then request for them to be released from their account and delivered at any time they wish.

The possibilities that this opens up are limitless - if your definition of 'limitless' strictly relates to your ability to potentially acquire alcohol beyond regular off-licence hours. Theoretically, were they to implement these changes, it would mean that you could essentially have a pre-purchased tab with the app, and then, if you are running dry at a house-party late night; at a wedding; or at a baptism that has gotten drastically out of hand, you could simply call in however much of your prepaid orders that you want.

The thought of this brave new world is enough to enough to make you weak at the knees.

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Rory McNab

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