Season 4 Of Peaky Blinders Has Been Released On Netflix

Season 4 Of Peaky Blinders Has Been Released On Netflix

Full disclosure here, I have never seen Peaky Blinders, but I'm led to believe that it's very popular. And more power to it, the more that can be done to repopularise the wearing of hats as common-place the better, in my opinion.

Well, fans of either the show or the glorification of early 20th century fashion trends, will be thrilled to hear that the hotly anticipated fourth season of the show has emerged into the world of online streaming services, kicking and screaming - but in a Brummie accent.

Netflix announced that it was due to be released today, and lo' and behold, having briefly checked Netflix and thankfully emerging unscathed from a subsequent meeting with my boss as to why I was on Netflix during working hours, I can confirm that it is indeed there.


While the fifth season currently filming, this I'm sure will serve to whet the appetites of fans of the show, as they keep up with the goings on of [insert character's name here] and [insert other character's name here] while they [insert event of significance relevant to both of these characters here].

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