Netflix Secretly Announce A 'Black Mirror' Movie

Netflix Secretly Announce A 'Black Mirror' Movie

After months of speculation, Netflix has finally dropped the biggest clue about the next series of Black Mirror.

While fans and critics assumed the next episode of Black Mirror would center on a stand-alone episode entitled 'Bandersnatch' it turns out Black Mirror's latest offering will be a feature-length movie.

Don't believe us? Search 'Bandersnatch' on Netflix and you'll be bought to the title page of the movie with a loading symbol covering one of the episodes from the show. The movie is described as "mind-bending", "cerebral" and "offbeat" in the description section which, considering how mind-bending the entire series is, gives very little away.

While little is known about the movie other than it's set in 1980s Britain, Bandersnatch is a 1984 game that was never released and has recently become the Twitter profile picture of Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker.

According to this Twitter account, the set included Christmas trees which means this will be the series second Christmas themed episode.


Fans are speculating that the movie or a new episode will include an interactive episode which will allow viewers to control the fate of the characters and storyline. The word Bandersnatch originally stems from Lewis Carroll's Through The Looking Glass as the name for a ferociously stealthy beast. Charlie Brooker has already gone on record saying season 5 will feature "the most complicated thing we've ever done".

Could Black Mirror's first feature-length movie be an interactive experience set during Christmas? Knowing Black Mirror, it won't be like anything we've seen before. Bandersnatch looks set to stream on December 28.

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