It Looks Like Selling Over-Priced Tickets Could Be Coming Illegal

It Looks Like Selling Over-Priced Tickets Could Be Coming Illegal

I think all of us know of someone who's bought a ticket for double the asking price. Well now, a proposed law could mean selling over-priced tickets for a profit of more than 10% could be illegal.

According to The Journal, the new legislation would mean that anyone making a profit of more than 10% on the sale of a ticket would have to pay a fine of up to €5000. While promotions companies such as Aiken are very much for the bill, Ticketmaster is actively against it.

Maybe this is down to the fact that Ticketmaster bought the online re-sale site Seatwave in 2014, and is reliant on the site for extra ticket sales. The bill was brought forward by Sinn Féin TD Maurice Quinlivan and since then, many sporting bodies such as the GAA, IRFU and FAI.

Good news for GAA and football fans, as both bodies were definitely for the legislation. The FAI made a statement saying, 'in order to combat the sale of tickets by persons who purchase tickets with no intention of ever attending the event but who resell the tickets at a significant profit.'


As well as that, the GAA were for making ticket touting illegal, to prevent the "extortionate pricing" of tickets for matches. Great news for sporting and music fans, not so much for ticket resellers.

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Ciara Finnegan

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