Sharknado And The Worst SyFy Channel Movies Ever

The release of instant cult classic movie Sharknado on the SyFy channel has made waves this week and has all the usual social media outlets going crazy for its terrible CGI and its even worse acting. But it's definitely not the first bad movie the SyFy channel has ever made and it certainly wont be the last either. SyFy Channel original movies have become so bad, it's almost hilarious. Fake CGI, awful plots and beyond bad acting from washed up old TV  and movie actors always make for less then compelling viewing.

Just how bad are they? Here's some of the worst ever...


Obviously we had to put this in here, it's the movie that has brought some much needed attention on SyFy's lack of film making prowess and may yet be the worst one so far. It'll enjoy its fifteen minutes of fame and perhaps even star Tara Reid will enjoy a comeback after her compelling performance. Check out the TMZ peeps taking the piss.




A half-shark, half-octopus creature created for the military, creates a whole lot of terror in Mexico while a scientist who helped created it tries to capture/kill it.

Mega Shark v Giant Octopus

The California coast is terrorized by two enormous prehistoric sea creatures as they battle each other for supremacy of the sea. The best inter movie battle since Alien v Predator, keep reading to find out who emerges victorious.


Mega Shark v Crocosaurus

Just when you thought it couldn't get much cheesier, the Mega Shark or Megalodon (Its proper name apparently) battles with the newly discovered Crocosaurus causing massive destruction. So obviously the big shark won the last battle but can he win round two versus the formidable Croc?


A baby Dinoshark emerges from a frozen cocoon in an Artic glacier and soon grows to be big and scary. It's a hybrid of a T-Rex and a shark and it terrorizes the Mexican coastline.


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