5 Netflix Shows To Watch If You're Missing The Crown

5 Netflix Shows To Watch If You're Missing The Crown

When The Crown popped on to my recommendations I felt a Republican sense of loyalty and skimmed past. As time went by, and I'd devoured every great TV show like a basking shark swallowing a pool of plankton, I knew it was time to find my next fix. Hesitant and resistant, I pressed play and my entire world changed.

The best feeling of summer is knowing we're guaranteed sunshine for a couple of days. As a number of our favourite shows die down for the summer - in this case, The Crown - we could, in lieu of watching yet more television, make plans to take up a new hobby or read a guide on 'how to survive a festival' but we're never going to do that.

While you wait until the end of 2018 for the return of The Crown, which isn't even a guarantee as we're still waiting on a return date, here's five shows you should be binge-watching to keep you going throughout the dark days ahead, even if it's sunny outside:

1. Diana: In Her Own Words

A truly remarkable documentary, In Her Own Words, allows us into a recorded conversation Diana had to contribute to a book about her life by Andrew Morton, from which the documentary derives its name. Set to be a significant character in The Crown, Diana's contribution to the book was not revealed until years later and gives us an unparalleled insight into her life as the Princess of Wales.


2. The Windsors

Taking the Royal family and making them the butt of the joke is nothing new but The Windsors is successful at reminding us of the ridiculousness of the monarchy.

3. The Royals

What do you get when you mix the E! Network with a Elizabeth Hurley, an actress with an air of royalty about her? The Royals, that's what. TR is another comedy series that focuses on the life of Queen Helena, the head of a fictitious British royal family. Mildly biographical, the soap opera focuses on blackmail, gossip, and full of ridiculous dark humour - sounds perfect:


4. Fleabag

The ending of season two of The Crown meant the end of Claire Foy, whose turn as Queen Elizabeth won her an Emmy and the hearts of fans. Sadly, the entire cast will be replaced to herald in the next era of the Queens' life which makes sense and is why you need to see this show. Not only a barrel of laughs, Fleabag is the perfect introduction for us to the queen in waiting, Olivia Coleman:

5. The Royal House of Windsor

A documentary-style show, The Royal House of Windsor gives us detailed facts, through historians and first-hand accounts, about the secret lives of the people behind the Royal family and their survival throughout the last century. Click here to check out the trailer.

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