9 Signs That Prove You Grew Up In An Irish Family

9 Signs That Prove You Grew Up In An Irish Family

Growing up in an Irish family is a unique experience. Not everyone has the pleasure of having an Irish mammy or an uncle John. But just incase you were unsure, here are 9 signs that prove you grew up in an Irish family.


Flat 7Up is, and always will be, the cure to all that ails you










It didn't matter what the doctor said, they knew that your mammy would be diluting 7up for you the moment you got home. And the thing is, it worked.



You were morbidly afraid of this

It was the weapon of choice for most Irish mammies, and you knew the wallop of it all too well.


You were sent back upstairs at least four times because "you'd catch your death in that thing"


Yeah, Bridget from down the road wore it last week but "her mammy didn't care as much for her welfare as your mammy did for yours". Now get back up there and change.


When it began to rain, your mam would have a fit



Double points if you went out yourself without being asked... no wait, you're turning into your mother.


Your weekends were packed with The Late Late Show, Fair City, Winning Streak, The Sunday Game, and Glenroe.

Not to mention Daniel O'Donnell's melodic voice crooning through the kitchen in the summer

The chat your folks had with the other folks after mass was sometimes longer than the mass itself


You were impatient having just spent the last 40 minutes dreaming about that roast


People would come and go from your gaff all the time. And your mam knew them all

"Sure that's Uncle Paddy, your father's cousin's neighbour's son. "



Your postman knew where your family lived, even if your exact address wasn't on the envelope.

And your Mam had nice long chats* with him every so often about what was going on in the parish.

*gossip sessions

There was a one word horror story in your family:


A moment's silence for all those not with us today because they left the immersion on.

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Sinead Loftus

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