'A Star Is Born' Sing-Along Drive-In Cinema Coming To Dublin

'A Star Is Born' Sing-Along Drive-In Cinema Coming To Dublin

It is undeniable that the song 'Shallow' was one of the most accomplished pieces of pop music released in 2018.

Go on try it, try deny it - you simply won't be able to.

This is a test that a friend recently tried on me. He challenged me to try point out any flaws within the song. When I opened my mouth to speak, he instantly sprung across the table, kicking my chicken tikka masala to the floor and pinned me against a wall, growling through gritted teeth, "You don't know what you're talking about mate. So why don't you drop it, yeah or I'll nut ya?" By this point his face was pressed right into mine so that our noses were touching and the waft of ginger coming off his hot breath, from the five slices of Jamaican cake he'd eaten, made my eyes water.

Well, let me tell you, any arguments you might have about the potential shortcomings of a song really fall by the wayside when dealing with a character like that. Also when I say 'friend' I perhaps mean 'man at a neighbouring table in the cafe I was eating in'. Since then I suppose 'plaintiff' and 'defendant' would be the most apt words to describe our relationship.

Gross and unreasonable threats of violence to my person aside, his point was a good one. Shallow is an astounding song that builds brilliantly to an ascendant chorus and there is no denying its popularity. There are few ways to improve upon it, save perhaps, instead of hearing it sung by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper - hearing it sung a capela by dozens of people, their voices only slightly muffled by the doors of the fleet of hatchbacks that contain them.


Well thank god then that Retro Drive-In Movies are hosting a special 'A Star Is Born' sing-along. The movie will be shown on the world's largest LED screen at the Leopardstown Racecourse on 29th, 30th and 31st of March. As it's a drive-in cinema, all you have to do is, purchase a ticket then drive-up and watch the movie and you can listen through your car radio.

There will also be several food stalls available at the event selling burgers, hot dogs etc. - essentially a whole plethora of delicious brown foods that are only recommended to be eaten in strict moderation by health scientists.

The tickets will go on sale tomorrow morning, Friday January 11th at 9am and can be purchased from here.

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Rory McNab

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