Stormzy Just Donated £9000 To Send A Student To A Prestigious College

Stormzy Just Donated £9000 To Send A Student To A Prestigious College

Stormzy can now officially be known as 'the soundest lad ever'. When it comes to college in the States, the fees are somewhat ridiculous, especially in some of the Ivy League schools. So when Oxford student Fiona Asiedu, received a donation of £9000 from Stormzy on her GoFundMe page to attend Harvard, she was beyond belief.

Fiona Asiedu will now be able to head to Harvard to study a Masters in Human Development and Psychology, all thanks to Stormzy. Fiona needed to raise a whopping £12,000 to cover in only 4 weeks to cover the costs of moving Stateside, but lo and behold she ended up smashing her target in under 24 hours.

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Asiedu originally shared her appeal on Twitter, which is where she grabbed the Grime star's attention. Her best friend decided to tag him in a tweet asking him to help her mate follow her dream;

When news got out that Stormzy was the one behind the huge donation, fans thanked him in the only way they could think of – by bringing him to Nandos.

It's safe to say Fiona was absolutely delighted with the news posted a tweet saying, 'You lot I was meant to leave to go to the library 2 hours ago but I am just sitting in my house shell-shocked, GOD IS REAL.'


Since there have been so many extra donations, Fiona has stretched the target to £30,000, with the extra funds being put towards a foundation she's setting up;

"Any funds raised over £14,000, by June 11th June 2017 will be put towards a foundation that I am setting up to support black British students from low-income families who secure a place at Oxford or Harvard. Please keep supporting the #SW2HARVARD campaign".


Michael Ebenazer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Junior, you really are one of the soundest people alive.


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