Azealia Banks Has Branded The Women Of Ireland As “Ugly”

Azealia Banks Has Branded The Women Of Ireland As “Ugly”

The season finale of Friends springs to mind when you hear this news about Azealia Banks run-in with Aer Lingus, did she get off the plane, didn’t she? The American rapper is due to play a sold-out gig in the Academy in Dublin tonight. The gig is going ahead so we can assume that she has arrived in Dublin to frosty weather and an equally frosty reception from the women of Ireland.

Never shy of conflict, Azealia Banks caused quite the stir on an Aer Lingus flight from London to Dublin yesterday. The 212 singer took to her Instagram account posting an Instagram story in tears claiming she was “banned” from all Aer Lingus flights after removing herself from the plane following a run in with a stewardess. In her foul mouth rant, she claimed that every time she comes to the UK that they’re 'starting some s**t with her'. Onboard the plane she claimed that she had been “treated like a wild animal” when she was unable to answer questions. In Banks' account of the events, she also claims that the stewardess lied by telling the Captain she said “Don’t stare at me, I’ll sort you out. I’m from New York City.” She then goes on to say that she has worked too hard in her life to be cornered by some ugly Irish bitch (the stewardess in question). Like, all these ugly Irish women here. It doesn’t really bear to think about what would have happened if she flew Ryanair!

Azealia Banks apparently then withdrew herself from the airplane and seemingly drove to Wales to get a ferry instead. A quick scan of her Instagram reveals a joyously weird video of her confusedly wandering around the car-deck of a ferry.


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Aer Lingus have since confirmed that the singer and oen other passenger left the flight prior to departure saying they would find some other method of getting to Ireland - apparently settling on 'ferry'.

The New York rapper is quickly becoming better known for controversy and rants on social media than her music. This latest feud with the Aer Lingus stewardess is just one more to add to the list.

So to the Aer Lingus stewardess and the women of Ireland, we’re in good company. Here’s a roundup of some more of Azealia’s most famous online feuds:


1. Cardi B- Banks labelled the rapper as “a poor man's Nicki Minaj” a title that understandably was not well received.

2. Nicki Minaj- In 2012, Minaj and Banks had a war of words on Twitter after Banks declined the opportunity to support Minaj on tour.

3. Lana Del Rey-Banks criticised the Video Games singer for not been “consistent with her outrage” after Del Rey hit out at Kayne West for his MAGA (make America great again) hat yet collaborated with ASAP Rocky who was accused of slapping a female fan.

4. Iggy Azalea- In an interview Azalea opened up saying the criticism she received when breaking into music made her contemplate suicide. This lead Banks to comment on Instagram encouraging Azalea’s suicide.

5. Rihanna- Banks has even taken on Rihanna over Tweets where Rhianna voiced her opinion on the Trump travel ban. Banks again took to social media to say “As far as Rihanna (who isn’t a citizen, and can’t vote) and all the rest of the celebrities who are using their influence to stir the public, you lot really REALLY need to shut up and sit down”

To anyone attending the gig at The Academy tonight, I would be expecting an apology to the women of Ireland. We are strong, intelligent, opinionated, pale and interesting, anything but ugly.

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