Sunday Night TV Round Up.

The X Factor

They mixed up the format for this year's mediocre batch of auditionees, but it hasn't done a lot.

Despite the addition of this compelling twist in format, I’m afraid that for this year’s X Factor, the fun (aka compellingly awful auditions) is over and it’s serious from here on in. Sunday night saw Louis and Gary selecting the acts to take to their houses, in compliance with the show’s new and meaner methods, which fans are blasting as terribly cruel, but you know, has certainly upped the ante on a show that’s been lagging a bit since Simon’s departure.  This year it seems, Gary’s on groups, and Louis has got the boys, and both batches don’t really seem all that special. With just six spots for each category, there was a lot of reshuffling – and no one was really safe, least of all that Spanish lothario that ended up being booted out, despite already having convinced the judges with a successful bootcamp audition. Cruel huh? Highlights? Ryan Mathie got through on an audition with no clear words, just a string of warbles, young Giles Potter sobbed, a lot, and it transpired that if you yodel your way through your audition, you needn’t expect to do well.

This motley crew will join the Nicole’s Girls and Sharon’s Oldies, all of whom made the cut on Saturday Night. It’s edge of your seat stuff as they half the number of competitors next week.


Downton Abbey





Downton, by contrast, was as usual, a more stately affair. Cora’s new ladies’ maid, who we know we’re meant to be suspicious of, but can’t remember why (did she maybe sleep with a soldier and get the boot from Mrs Hughes in the second series?) didn’t get up to anything particularly scandalous, except make friends with Thomas – a massive no-no if you want audience approval. Carson ummed and ahhed about whether to meet his pal, and eventually went and said a swift goodbye to him, thus ending that little sub-plot of no interest to anybody.  Other titbits include Bates cunningly giving Mosely some money, and Rose securing a snog off a commoner by pretending to be a housemaid, establishing her position as Hussy of the House once and for all. There’s still a few loose ends up Lord Grantham & Co’s sleeves however – we’ve had no mention of a new Nanny, and Mary’s inherited half the estate from Matthew, despite the whole opening premise of Downton, being that a woman simply couldn't be an heir. Confused? Us too, but we’re looking for them to pick up the pace a tad as episode three approaches.


Oh yeh, and then there was the small matter of the finale of everybody's favourite TV show... Breaking Bad... but we wont spoil that for you.

Ye seriously.. Go watch it yourself!



Julia O' Mahony

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