Sweet Christ! Tom On Love Island Has Made A Balls Of It Again

Sweet Christ! Tom On Love Island Has Made A Balls Of It Again

Oh, Tom, it's lucky you have that jawline but you seem a bit clueless with the ladies. Tom has partnered up with Ballymahon native Maura and it has been rocky from the get-go, to say the least.

In Monday's instalment, Maura single- handly showed the nation how to shut down toxic masculinity. For winning the weekly challenge, Maura was awarded a night in the hideaway with the man of her choice. Having shared their first kiss that day, Maura picked Tom. Chatting to the lads ahead of his night in the hideout, Tom said "let’s see if she’s all mouth” about Maura. Maura overheard and her reaction was priceless. After much grovelling, Tom apologised and Maura forgave him. Putting the incident behind them, they coupled up in the dramatic recoupling and all seemed to be going well between the pair.

It looks like tensions are high between the Love Island couple with Tom putting his foot in his mouth yet again. In last night's episode, Tom confided in Jordan that he was having doubts about Maura. In the conversation, Tom said described the Longford model as "loud and attention seeking" stating that her behaviour makes him 'cringe'. He then added:


The thing with me and Maura is, between me and you, she doesn’t necessarily tick all my boxes.

She’s a bit OTT, she’s a bit too loud and attention seeking and sometimes that’s not me. She makes me cringe a little bit.

Following this conversation, he then shared a bed with her, and as Maura would say, got the shift.


Well, it looks like shit is about to hit the fan again. Jordon shares with Anna what was said and, of course, Anna goes back and tells Maura. Seriously Tom, do you not realise, people talk.

Watch all the drama unfold tonight at 9 pm.

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Deirdre Kelly

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