G'wan Maura, That's How You Shut Down Toxic Masculinity

G'wan Maura, That's How You Shut Down Toxic Masculinity

There hasn't been a dull moment with Maura since she entered the villa and in last night's episode, the drama reached peak levels. On Sunday's instalment, Maura won the weekly challenge for her ability to "down anything". As a reward, Maura was allowed to spend one night in the hideaway with the man of her choice. That very day she had shared her first kiss with Manchester model, Tom, so naturally, she chose him. With the events that followed, a reality TV feminist icon was born.

Since entering the villa, Maura has been comfortable with her sexuality and open when talking about sex. Within 2 minute screen time, she declared to the nation she has 'fanny flutters'. Sure didn't we all when we first set our eyes on Tommy Fury. Most of the time, Maura says what we're all thinking. Although it should be noted that her aggressive pursuit of Tommy was a step too far and had genders been switched, she would have been kicked out of the villa.

Maura's attitude towards sex is a topic of much discussion in the villa and when it's discussed there is always an element of slut-shaming. In one of the many conversations the Islanders have while lounging by the pool on bean bags, Maura revealed her magic number, the number of people she has slept with.

The conversation started with Tommy asking Maura,  ‘On a scale of one to ten how much do you love sex?’. Maura responded: ‘Well I’ve only slept with five people. I swear on my life.’ In total disbelief of this revelation, Molly-Mae said: ‘What? Come off it. You are messing.’. Fans on Twitter echoed this disbelief.

Maura explained this surprisingly low number saying: ‘Hello, I was in a nine-year relationship and a two-year relationship. How would I have slept with anymore?’ Molly- Mae then added in comments I for one found insulting, ‘I thought you’d be in the f**king numbers. The numbers. ‘You’re so, you know, sensual. You love it. I thought the number would be higher than five. But kudos to you. Proud of ya. Keep those numbers low.’


"Keep those numbers low", there is a phrase that would never be uttered to a man. A man has multiple sexual partners, he's given a pat on the back for it, a woman is slut-shamed. Maura, our new feminist queen has bought to mainstream attention that slut-shaming towards a woman that is open about sex is still the common reaction. Women enjoy sex too!

Last night, Maura addressed this issue head-on. After it was revealed that Tom would be spending the night in the hideaway, the men of the villa exposed themselves as shitebags, with single women everywhere thinking 'why do we stress about these imbeciles'. Chatting to the lads ahead of his night in the hideout, Tom said "let’s see if she’s all mouth” about Maura. This immature display highlights that women are objectified for expressing that they like sex. Maura's reaction was priceless.



Fair play Maura, you are an inspiration to us all.

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Deirdre Kelly

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