Taylor Swift vs Nicki Minaj: Why It's More Than Just A Feud

What's the one thing that Pop music has always lacked? BEEF! For decades that's always been my major issue with the genre; sure your songs are catchy and your videos display bright colours and excessively attractive people, but behind the scenes it was just so boring. While getting along is good, it's not entertaining. Well for those of you who have always been bored, you should thank the Pop Gods because they have answered our prayers; Taylor Swift vs Nicki Minaj, It's. Going. Down.

For those of you who don't know, please allow me to weave an epic tale of artistic snubs, twitter brawls and the creative integrity of a twerking music video (that last one, I'm not too sure on). Nicki Minaj was throwing all sorts of shade at MTV for the apparent snub of her music video 'Anaconda'. Ms. Minaj felt that her video was deserving to be nominated for music video of the year but wasn't because it didn't celebrate slim women. Personally I felt it wasn't nominated because while I (like many others) enjoy watching 5 minutes of shaking butts, I don't find that to be really video of the year worthy. Anyways as Nicki was ranting at MTV, Taylor was all like "Nuh-Uh bitch you taking shots at me", to which Nicki responded with something along the lines of "Bitch did I mention yo name". And that's it. Legit nothing else really happened after that, Taylor was like you can come up with me if I win and now they're like best friends again. Not the epic genre shaking feud I was hoping for but it was something.


However as much as I hate to admit it (and believe me, I REALLY do), Nicki Minaj made some relatively solid points about racism in media and the like. As much as I hated the Anaconda video, it was this HUGE cultural phenomenon that deserved a spot on the nominees list more than some of the entries on there. Maybe it was to do with the fact that she was a black woman, or her video featured an obscure portrait of what society defines as 'real' beauty and if that is the case and she lost for those reasons then I am pissed off. And Nicki has a right to be pissed off and YOU should be pissed off.

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