Tayto And Tesco Team Up To Give Us The Best Deal This Paddy's Day

Tayto And Tesco Team Up To Give Us The Best Deal This Paddy's Day

Paddy's day is usually a day of hardcore drinking but we always need something to line the stomach. Tesco and Tayto have teamed up to give us the best combo and deal on food this Paddy's Day. We all love a good Tayto sandwich. The one downfall is actually having to make the sandwich yourself, especially after a few drinks that's the last thing we want to do! But thanks to the good people at Tesco and Tayto, they are now selling pre-made Tayto crisp sandwiches. Yes Please!

Along with giving us the best sandwiches this year, Tayto are also giving us the chance to enter an incredible competition this summer. Tayto are giving us the chance to win tickets for yourself and three of your friends to three of the biggest festivals in three different countries. How amazing does that sound? All you need to do is buy the special pack of Tayto in store's now. See Garett chat about the competition in the video below! The prize includes flights, accommodation, tickets and crisps! I'm off to enter 10 times.


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Mary Stafford

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