WATCH: Someone Brings Their Horse For A Stroll Around Tesco

WATCH: Someone Brings Their Horse For A Stroll Around Tesco

Only in Dublin would you find a horse being strolled around your local Supermarket during your weekly shop and not be alarmed.

A video emerged last night of a horse being walked around a Tesco store in Finglas and has of course gone viral. People have been sharing the video on social media to express their shock, but at the same time stating how not-shocked they actually are.

The video shows the horse being walked through aisles, along the checkouts and through their F&F section, while shoppers stand watching and videoing as the horse strolls through the Clearwater store.

The DSPCA have made a statement saying: "Horses really do not belong in Supermarkets."

"They are very unpredictable animals" and can "easily be spooked."


Although this is quite hilarious, it could've gone south if the horse, and the owner were not escorted out in time. Horses are very powerful animals and have been known to cause serious injuries.

The horse was quickly escorted out by security. Tesco then made a statement saying: "We’d like to reassure customers that the animal did not enter any fresh food aisle."

Very good to know, indeed.

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