Ten Times Peggy Was An Absolute Boss On Mad Men

So the beginning of the end of Mad Men is upon us. The latter half of the final season kicks off on Sunday and if there’s one thing we’re sure of, it’s that it won’t go out quietly. By now we all know that Don Draper is achingly cool, if an absolute asshole; the rampant alcoholism, the philandering, the general prickish demeanour. And yet we still love him. But I think every viewer can admit that while Don is the antihero we can’t resist, Peggy is the character we’ll never stop rooting for. She’s fiercely independent, strong willed and pretty much the most badass woman on tv. Here’s a few reminders why she is an absolute boss:

1) When she owned her first day.
2) When she knew what her work was worth.

3) Every time she shut Roger down.
4) When she smoked pot and gave zero fucks.

5) When she put all the boys to shame with her ability to multitask.
6) When she didn’t let any man underestimate her.
7) When Don treated her like a prostitute…

8) And she left his ass despite the grovelling.
9) When she told it like it is.

10) And when she was just generally awesome.


Sorcha Tyndall
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