The 10 Most Tweeted About Moments From This Year's Love Island

The 10 Most Tweeted About Moments From This Year's Love Island

In the last two months, Love Island has had more ups and downs than a plane during bad turbulence. The series is the most watched reality tv show for ITV2 and 3e ever so it's not surprising that some of the villas controversial moments ended up trending on the Twitter universe.

Surprisingly,  Jack's ex Ellie entering the villa and causing Dani to break down didn't make the list nor did the argument between Ellie and Georgia over Georgia's kiss with Jack, Adam not leaving with Zara or old Laura giving Megan and Wes a piece of her mind.

Unsurprisingly, Adam makes the list over three times but Megan, referred to as the female Adam by fans only makes the list twice. Here's what the people reacted most to during the last two months of Love Island:

10. Frankie being dumped from the villa

Samira's heartbroken reaction to Frankie being dumped from the island by the voting public revealed a side to the Westend star we weren't familiar with. The next day Samira chose to leave the villa to be with Frankie and fans questioned why the producers hadn't shown the audience the couples time in the hideout and general affection towards one another.


9. Rosie giving Adam a piece of her mind

After being chosen by Adam during the recoupling, Rosie could smell a rat. After talking to Jack and Megan about being unsure about his future with Rosie and wanting to neck on with other people, Rosie confronted him in front of the entire villa. We couldn't cope:

8. Eyal and Zara being dumped from the villa

Emotions were high when the Islanders had to choose Zara and Eyal to leave the villa:


7. Georgia and Sam choosing to stay in the villa and breakup

None of us could believe it but the pair redeemed themselves when they chose to go home together rather than recouple with someone else.



6. Adam stealing Kendall from Niall

After this moment everyone was rooting for Niall but, 6 days later, he left the villa for personal reasons:

5. Alexandra telling Alex where to go after he broke up with her


Articulate, composed and intelligent, Alexandra became Love Island's answer to Carrie Bradshaw with her takedown of Dr. Alex:

4. Eyal kissing Meghan in front of Alex

Eyal took the heat off Adam and became one of the biggest Love Island villains of 2018 when he kissed Megan in front of Alex at the beginning of the season:


3. Adam dropping Kendall for Rosie during the seasons first recoupling

After fans originally cheered for Kendall and Niall, Adam dropping Kendall was never going to be good news. The lovely brunette was stolen from Niall by Adam only to be dumped by Adam for newcomer Rosie in the space of 48 hours.

2. The moment Megan asked Wes for a kiss


Surprisingly, the audacity of Megan asking Wes for a kiss when he was coupled up with Laura left a sour taste in viewers mouths and a micro-moment blew up on Twitter:

1. Josh returning from Casa Amor with Kaz and leaving Georgia fuming

In a scene reminiscent of Game of Thrones, Georgia's loyalty and heart were shattered by Josh's love affair with Kaz in Casa Amor. The moment left her single and a fan favourite, for a short time.

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