Love Island Contestants Will Earn More Than Someone With An Oxbridge Degree

Love Island Contestants Will Earn More Than Someone With An Oxbridge Degree

In what is probably a reflection of modern life, reality show contestants are more likely to earn more than a graduate in Oxford or Cambridge.

According to Frontier Economics, LI contestants like Dani, Jack, Laura and Megan can expect to earn at least a £1.1 million from sponsorships and appearance fees in a year. A degree from either Oxford or Cambridge would earn you about £815,000.

How can the clock up such a hefty amount? Frontier economists calculated the amount from typical club appearances, sponsored Instagram posts and TV spinoffs which most of the contestants are likely to pursue.

Instagram is one of the biggest platforms for the villa stars as the contestants earn an additional 500,000 followers after appearing on the show. The Islanders can be sponsored to promote brands for at least a £1,000 a post. An ordinary islander promoting protein could earn a cool £1 million in a year.

It's not all good news. Economists reckon the likes of Dani and Jack's earnings will decrease every year. Islanders who last the duration of the show can earn around £2.4 million in five years which sees their peak earning potential dropping off over time. Islanders who appear for a short time in the villa would earn 300,000 and less.

When it comes to earnings, it doesn't seem to matter if the couple wins the show. The winners will earn just an additional £100,000 over other contestants who reach the final.


Over 85,000 applied for this year's season of Love Island, twice the amount of people applying for Oxford and Cambridge, and when you crunch those numbers you can see why.

In turns of odds, you're far more likely to get into an Oxbridge college than Love Island so that's a blessing in disguise.

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