Fans React To News The Beast From 'The Chase' Is Married To His Cousin

Fans React To News The Beast From 'The Chase' Is Married To His Cousin

The cousin Chaser is an infamous character on the daytime game show The Chase. Fans weren't impressed when the Beast, aka Mark Labbett, was questioned about his marriage to his second cousin on Loose Women yesterday.

The quiz master had his brain picked about how he manages to maintain his knowledge and whether or not he would appear on Strictly when the questioning turned to his marriage.

Katie, Mark's wife whom he married in 2014, sat down to join the interview when Andrea brought everyone to the attention the happy couple's previous relationship - as cousins: ‘"What people might not realise – and you two didn’t realise when you first met – is that you’re actually second cousins" to which Mark replied:  "It’s just one of those things that happened" before quickly changing the subject.

Here's the full exchange between the Loose Women, Mark and Katie:

Fans reacted in horror and amusement at the 'Beasts' avoidance of the questions and slammed the show for using the couple to make headlines:



Was Andreas question/ commentary appropriate? Are you shocked that the second cousins married?

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