The Late Late Show Are Looking For Singles Ready To Mingle

The Late Late Show Are Looking For Singles Ready To Mingle

Anyone with a pulse can remember the absolute craic that was The Late Late Show singles night back in 2016 and 2017.  The show is full of banter and class one-liners but who can forget that cheeky chap Deano who had homes up and down the country howling as well as Tubs. Deano went back to Late Late in 2017 to confirm he's still single and ready to mingle:

Now Tubs & Co are looking for singles to take part in another episode of The Late Late Valentine's Special, hoping their role as Cupids will get some Irish singles off the market

The show is set to air on the 9th of February and if you're single and up for the craic why not apply? The show is looking for audience members too so you can bring your mates. Just remember you have to be over 18 and single. If you or your mates want to be one of the 200 singles to feature in the show then click here to apply.


Any friends who could do with a helping hand?

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