The Netflix Shows You Have To Waste Your Holidays On

The Netflix Shows You Have To Waste Your Holidays On

For many students the Christmas holidays means a sudden upsurge in the amount of free time you have to yourself, how will you spend that time? With your family? With your friends? Working out to shed those yuletide pounds?

Like fuck, you're going to sit there, slack-jawed and glassy-eyed binge watching Netflix. There's so much variety, what do you devote your time to watching? You could choose yourself, but years of streamable content have wiped your decision making faculties, so fine, we'll do it for your.

Black Mirror

Charlie Brooker probably wouldn't like you as a person, he'd find you dull, but you're sure to like his dark sic-fi series, Black Mirror. Black Mirror takes aspects of modern lives and reflects a distorted, terrifying version of them back at the viewer, like some kind of dark, reflective surface.

Smart and compelling Black Mirror is a must.




The Siege of Jadotville

The Siege of Jadotville took place in the 60s during the UN intervention in the Katanga conflict in the Congo in Africa. The film follows the plight of the "A" Company, of the 35th Battalion of the Irish Army as they fight off troops loyal to the Katangese Prime Minister.
The lightly armed Irish soldiers held off assaults for six days until eventually being forced to surrender.

The Gilmore Girls

The Gilmore Girls is a series about the girls of Gilmore. They talk fast, act quirky, and are subjected to convoluted melodrama. If you like it you're going to watch it, if you don't then there's nothing we can say to change your mind.


Fuller House

Fuller House is the sequel to an American sitcom that was never popular or influential in Ireland. On top of that it's quite bad and unfunny. You should watch it because it's important to see the turds so you can appreciate the masterpieces. Also, lets face it, you don't really engage with any of the shows you watch, you mindlessly consume, that's all you do. You sicken me, find Jesus before it's too late.

Watch Fuller House.


Kyle Mulholland

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