Quiz: How Much Can You Remember About The Parent Trap?

Quiz: How Much Can You Remember About The Parent Trap?

Fans of The Parent Trap will agree that it's quite possibly the most iconic film of all time.

With a soundtrack like no other, The Parent Trap was a remake of 1961 movie starring Hayley Mills. The 1998 version starred the incomparable Lindsay Lohan - pre off-the-rails era. The 1961 and the 1998 version catapulted the careers of the young actresses who played the twins.

A movie set between London and California, Annie and Halley are separated at birth twins, both played by Lohan, and are accidentally reunited during a summer camp they're both sent to. The twins realise they bear a striking similarity to each other which results in a bitter feud between the pair until their rivalry turns into devoted, sisterly love.

If you were a massive fan of the 90s version of The Parent Trap then you'll have no issues acing this memory test. So, why not take a whack at it?:


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