Watch: Theresa May's 'Let Me Explain' Video Is An Instant Meme

Watch: Theresa May's 'Let Me Explain' Video Is An Instant Meme

After Theresa May's Brixit deal was rejected by MP's for the third time, the prime minister decided to address the British public in a video statement to clearly outline the current position in Brexit negotiations. In Theresa May's 'Let Me Explain' Video, she says:

"so the choice that lies ahead of us is either leaving the European Union with a deal, or not leaving at all".

She then attempts to reassure the British public regarding cross-party talks. She says, that while there are a lot of Labor policies that she does not agree with, the two parties do find common ground when it comes to Brexit strategy negotiations.

You can watch the full video here:

This latest statement video has become an instant internet meme and they are absolutely gas.


One of my personal favourites, comparing Brexit to that one time Father Dougal officiated a funeral in Father Ted. It's an old one but a good one.



Thersa May's video which aimed to be calm, casual and reassuring may have backfired but you have to hand it to the British public for maintaining a sense of humour.

H/T: Indy100


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