These Kim Kardashian 'Private Island' Memes Are Sending Us

These Kim Kardashian 'Private Island' Memes Are Sending Us

Kim Kardashian, and her whole family, have always flaunted their wealth in the faces of the public.

Granted, it's their prerogative and if people wanted to tune into their daily lives to see how the rich and famous live, then that's their choice.

However, Kim Kardashian's latest escapade has drawn the ire of the Internet. For Kim and her clan, normalcy is living in luxury on a private island to celebrate her 40th birthday.

It's the kind of tone deaf tweet that you'd anticipate from Kim, with no footing in the real world which is being ravaged by a pandemic. But at least you had a good birthday!

At least the Internet was on hand to rinse Kim's ignorance to the fullest.


Here are some of our favourite 'private island' memes:


Even our partners at Balls.ie got in on the act:

Sean Meehan

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