7 Things That Happen 'Only In Ireland' According To Reddit

7 Things That Happen 'Only In Ireland' According To Reddit

Ireland's distinctive personality means situations that normally wouldn't happen, happen only in Ireland. It's such a popular saying social media is inundated with posts about things that only happen in Ireland. If we're being honest, these things could probably happen anywhere in the world but us Irish have pure notions about ourselves 'cause we're special, truly special and here's why:

1. With a such a tumultuous past, it takes a lot to shock the stoic people of Northern Ireland 

2. Irish transport 101

Only in Ireland would you find a stretch Hummer and 3 lads on a sulky waiting at the same junction from r/ireland


3. Potatoes aren't that big a deal, sure the Government have to tell you to eat them 

Only in Ireland would you see a government sponsored advertisement to eat more Potatoes. from r/ireland

 4. In Ireland, we take no crap from anyone 

Only in Ireland (Portlaoise, Co. Laois) from r/ireland


5. Thanks to our mammies, we really don't like to cause much of a fuss

6. In recent years, the Catholic Church has seen a fall in the number of men becoming priests so time really is of the essence: 


7. We're always there to give each other a helping hand

Best deal in Ashbourne from r/ireland


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