This Chicken McNugget Birthday Cake Is Giving Us Chills

This Chicken McNugget Birthday Cake Is Giving Us Chills

Some people like chocolate cakes for their birthdays, while some like cheesecakes. Others like a cake that represents who they are as a person, like the legend who got a Chicken Mcnugget cake made for their 21st birthday.

It's a sight to behold and some are even saying it's the pride of Skerries, which it more than likely is.

To those who think there's no hope for 2016, behold, the McDonald's Chicken McNugget cake, made by Emma O’Hanrahan of Cáca Milis in Skerries.


"Some girls want a handbag cake for their birthday and others want a chicken nugget box. This cake was made for Leanne for her 21st birthday! It was a vanilla sponge with Jaegermeister buttercream icing. Hope you had a great day!", said the bakery's Facebook page.

Here's some more hilarious cakes we've found:

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