The Time Has Come: There Will Be A "Kardashian Kleanse"

Whatever you think of him, you have to give Perez Hilton snaps for his latest move on his website. He has declared on his site that he will have a "Kardashian Kleanse" for a full week, Monday to Friday. He won't report any "news" regarding any of the Kardashian clan, their boyfriends or children. And you know that? About fucking time. This comes just after a news reporter in America stormed off the set after becoming so frustrated with the amount of Kardashian koverage in the news. And they're right, it's not really news.

Who cares if Kim put up another selfie on Instagram, is it really worthy of a whole news piece? The time has come to leave behind the Kardashians. They have taken over the world, basically, and fair fucks to them because I'm sure they're rolling in it. Just as we are rolling in countless news stories about them every day, when they're not even note worthy. I'm all for some light hearted entertainment and all that jazz, because who wants to hear about tragedies every day? But the fact this family is on every website, every single fucking day is a bit ridiculous. Why do we even care?


I can't wait to see the reaction Perez gets for this detox he's doing. I wonder will he get a severe amount of hate, or lose followers. I think everyone should follow in his footsteps and tell the Kardashians to fuck off, because no one really cares what Kylie did for her birthday. It disgsuts me that I even know it was Kylie's birthday the other day, and I know what she wore and what she got. Because it was fucking all over the internet, there was no escaping it. There's a reason I don't watch their "reality show," it's because I don't care and have no desire to keep up with them. I want to leave them behind. As should everyone else, because reporting on what Kendall ate for lunch ain't news. It's enough to get a restraining order, probably. So do like Perez and "kleanse" yourself of them for a week... or forever. Probably forever. I'm gonna go with forever.

Clodagh McMeel
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