Hot, Salty Christ! There Is A Toastie Festival Happening Next Weekend

Hot, Salty Christ! There Is A Toastie Festival Happening Next Weekend

In what is both joyous news and surely an event stretching the definition of the word 'festival' to near breaking point, The Harbour Bar in Bray are set to host Ireland's inaugural 'toastie festival'.

That's right, a festival themed around toasties. Woodstock, Burning Man et al. cower in fear, there is a new festival in town, and, if we are judging festivals purely based on the sheer amount of carbohydrates on offer, then it will give you a run for your money.

The festival will be taking place next weekend, 3-5 November, and I can't emphasise enough just how much you ought to be there if assorted ingredients encased in charred bread is your thing. There will be a wide selection of toasties on offer - though it remains to be seen just how far they're willing to push the boat out with this, if I don't see an 'owl and triffle toastie' on the menu I will be comprehensively disappointed.

They will also be recommending what toasties go with what pints, though if all you're seeking to imbibe is tea then I have yet more thunderingly good news for you as they are offering free refills throughout the festival.


If I haven't sold you on the idea of this whole affair already then I'm sorry, there is literally nothing more I can do and our fledgling relationship must end here.

For anyone who clicked into this hoping  it was actually a festival themed around the excellent Matt Berry and Arthur Matthews sitcom Toast of London then I'm sorry to disappoint.

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Rory McNab

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