Fans Left Emotional After Tommy Tiernan (Da Gerry) Proved To Be A Sound Irish Da

Fans Left Emotional After Tommy Tiernan (Da Gerry) Proved To Be A Sound Irish Da

I can confirm that last night's episode of Derry Girls was definitely one of the funniest ones yet, with the girls getting themselves into bucket loads of trouble all in just half an hour. How they do it, I have no idea..

Something that left all of us having a little cry at the end of the episode, is Tommy Tiernan's perfect depiction of what an Irish Da is like, and what they silently cover up for their kids.


Last nights episode was jam packed with LOL's for us viewers, from an escaped polar bear, defying Ma Mary's instructions, lying to their parents, Sister Michael reading the exorcist, a bomb disposal squad and meeting some very strange characters on their way to see 'This and That'.

This episode had it all.

If you haven't seen it and you're willing to ruin the half an hour of golden humour on yourself then I'll let you know the background before we get into why Tommy Tiernan showed exactly what all Irish Da's are good for.

After finding out that the escaped polar bear from Belfast zoo was making it's way up towards Derry, the girls were forbidden to go see This and That (or Take That as we know them - all 5 of them, may I add) by Ma Mary, thanks to the over-reaction of Grandpa Joe, despite Gerry's attempt at reassuring them that it's not as much as a threat to their lives as they think, and being shot down (almost quite literally with a tranquiliser gun) by Grandpa Joe.


In good-old Derry Girl's fashion, the five made up a scheming plan to deceive their parents and sneak off on the bus to Belfast. Quite a lot happened between this and the end of the episode, but to sum it up, they ran away from a group of Travellers, got into a moving vehicle with a very intoxicated, quite frightening driver. They then realised they forgot James with the Travellers and went back (purely because he had the tickets to the concert) to realise James was considering joining the group of travellers, until his hopes were shattered after finding out they don't consider Gary Barlow to be a good songwriter, which James can't accept.

After all of this drama, and their parents finding out that they had been lied to, Da Gerry was sat in front of the TV set watching the Take That concert when the Girls appeared on the TV singing along to their favourite boy-band. Gerry, in typical Da fashion, sat in silence letting out a giggle as he gazed happily at his daughter and her friends having the time of their lives, all while keeping his mouth shut so no one would notice.


Fair play Gerry, you did good.

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