There's A Once Off Tracey Beaker Christmas Special Happening

There's A Once Off Tracey Beaker Christmas Special Happening

After eight seasons, the Tracey Beaker show is coming back for a one-off CBBC special.

Dani Harmer, who began playing Tracey in 2002, hasn't visited the Dumping Ground since 2012.

Fans of the show will remember the last episode of Tracey Beaker Returns where a grown up Tracey finally leaves the Dumping Ground to become a care-worker in another children's home.

The episode will focus on fellow carer Mike's big wedding day but when the groom goes missing the entire cast are forced to become a search party.

Eastenders actress Michelle Collin's will star alongside Harmer in the special. It's not the first time she's starred in a Jacqueline Wilson adaption. In 2003 Collins starred in The Illustrated Mom, a story about a single mother who struggles with her mental health while raising two children.


The news comes after Jacqueline Wilson, the creator of Tracey Beaker, released a book documenting Tracey's life as a parent from the perspective of her child called My Mum Tracey Beaker.

The special will air on December 7, just in time for Christmas!

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